Just Click “Publish”

Back in the day (sometime last year), I was in the habit of publishing a blog post every single week. It wasn’t always pretty (remember “Life Lessons Shared by a Twice-Moved Young Adult”?), but I was creating content. This was a result of my goal to publish a blog post every week, and it was precisely the accountability I needed to push the boundaries of my creativity.

What’s happened since then? Sadly, I’ve allowed the fear of publishing something less than stellar to keep me from working on my writing, but it stops now. So get ready for me to begin cranking out new content, both good and bad.

To commemorate this, I’ve revised my 24-goals to better fit my new life in Florida, and one of them includes publishing 52 blog posts this year. I’m pretty far behind, but I’m excited to begin playing catchup. There are a lot of stories to share from this crazy, new life, and I look forward to doing that right here.

Let me know what you think!